Contribution Award Nomination


This award recognizes members that have made notable contributions to the development of NCWM standards, policy, administrative support, or other services deemed worthy of recognition. The recipient will have been a member of NCWM for at least five (5) years. Please note it is not necessary for the nominee to have provided contributions in each category.

*Note: Nominations must be submitted by December 31 of each calendar year.

Download Contribution Award Nomination Form (PDF)

Recipients of the Contribution Award have been:

  • Michael Cleary (2015)
  • Nigel Mills (2014)
  • Maureen Henzler (2013)
  • Tim Tyson (2012)
  • Jonelle Brent (2011)
  • Vicky Dempsey (2011)
  • Doug Hutchinson (2011)
  • Kristin Macey (2011)
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