Distinguished Service Award


This award recognizes members that have made a long-term commitment of service and leadership to NCWM. The recipient will have been a member of NCWM for at least ten (10) years, and made significant contributions to the enhancement of the organization as a whole through committee service, important contributions to standards development, served as a resource for knowledge, promoted the vision for NCWM, or other long-term commitments that have advanced the mission of NCWM. Please note it is not necessary for the nominee to have provided contributions in each category.

*Note: Nominations must be submitted by December 31 of each calendar year.

Download Distinguished Service Award Nomination Form (PDF)

Recipients of the Distinguished Service Award have been:

  • Mark Coyne (2016)
  • Carol Hockert (2016)
  • Steve Cook (2015)
  • Stephen Langford (2015)
  • Brett Saum (2015)
  • Joe Gomez (2014)
  • Randy Jennings (2014)
  • Mike Belue (2013)
  • Weston Diggs (2013)
  • Kenneth Simila (2013)
  • Louis Straub (2013)
  • Juana Williams (2013)
  • Tina Butcher (2012)
  • Charles Carroll (2012)
  • Chris Guay (2012)
  • Ron Hayes (2012)
  • Ross Andersen (2011)
  • William Braun (2011)
  • Judy Cardin (2011)
  • Darrell Flocken (2011)
  • Thomas Geiler (2011)
  • Maxwell Gray (2011)
  • Robert Murnane, Jr. (2011)
  • Henry Oppermann (2011)
  • Thomas Stabler (2011)
  • Gilles Vinet (2011)
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