Associate Membership Committee (AMC)

The Associate Membership makes up about 40% of NCWM's total membership. This group serves the important role of bringing industry expertise and perspective to the standards development process. The Associate Membership Committee (AMC) provides a structured environment for these members to organize, collaborate, participate in NCWM business decisions and support the common missions of NCWM.

The amount for Associate Member dues in excess of member dues is deposited into a special AMC account.  Any expenditure from this fund is at the authorization of the AMC and in accordance with their bylaws and policies.

Activities and Responsibilities:

  • Conduct regular business meetings in conjunction with NCWM Meetings
  • Recommend an AMC representative for a 3-year term on the NCWM Board of Directors
  • Recommend an AMC representative for a 5-year term on the Professional Development Committee
  • Recommend an AMC representative for a 5-year term on the Laws and Regulations Committee
  • Authorize funding assistance from the special AMC Fund for weights and measures training scholarships and for special projects that promote or facilitate the mission of NCWM

Associate Membership Committee Bylaws

Associate Membership Committee Members

OfficeNameAffiliationTerm Ends
Committee ChairMark FlintADM2019
Vice-ChairBob WieseNorthwest Tank and Environmental Services2019
Secretary / TreasurerRon GibsonSeraphin Test Measure2019
MemberRichard ShipmanRice Lake Weighing Systems, Inc.2020
MemberChristopher GuayProcter and Gamble, Co.2020
MemberMark FlintADM2020
MemberRebecca RichardsonMARC - IV Consulting2020
MemberPrentiss SearlesAmerican Petroleum Institute2022
MemberBob WieseNorthwest Tank and Environmental Services2022
MemberDavid CalixNCR2023
MemberBob MurnaneSeraphin Test Measure2023