Cannabis Task Group

The National Conference on Weights and Measures established the Cannabis Task Group in the fall of 2017 to create uniform guidance for States, the District of Columbia and territories as legalized sales of Cannabis spreads.  As of July 2018, nine (9) states and the District now have legalized recreational Cannabis and thirty (30) states and the District of Columbia have legalized medicinal Cannabis.  These numbers are expected to grow.

The task group is working in 5 different areas:

  1. Suitability of scales
  2. Method of Sale
  3. Package and labeling of products
  4. Safety for inspectors
  5. Moisture Loss of prepackaged product.

The Cannabis Task Group will be working with both the Specification and Tolerances Committee and the Laws and Regulation Committee.  The products of this effort will be included in NCWM Interpretations and Guidelines for Cannabis.

Task group membership includes public members, scale industry, Cannabis trade groups and other associate members.  Meetings are held in conjunction with NCWM Interim and Annual Meetings or as needed and are open to all NCWM members and other registered attendees.

This task group will submit its recommendations to the Laws and Regulations and Specifications and Tolerances Committees for consideration by the NCWM membership.

Cannabis Task Group Members

ChairJames CassidyMassachusetts
Public Sector MemberBrad BachelderMaine
Public Sector MemberLoren Kipp BlauerNevada
Public Sector MemberStacy CarlsenMarin County, California
Public Sector MemberTim ChesserArkansas
Public Sector MemberMark CiocioloCity of Worcester, Massachusetts
Public Sector MemberFran Elson-HoustonOhio
Public Sector MemberJason FlintNew Jersey
Public Sector MemberKurt FlorenLos Angeles County, California
Public Sector MemberPaul FloydLouisiana
Public Sector MemberHollis GlennColorado
Public Sector MemberMike GowerNevada
Public Sector MemberGabriel GowmanRiverside County, California
Public Sector MemberElaine GrilloCity of Boston, Massachusetts
Public Sector MemberKevin GrosskreutzCity of Appleton, Wisconsin
Public Sector MemberIvan HankinsIowa
Public Sector MemberMike HarringtonIowa
Public Sector MemberSteve HarringtonOregon
Public Sector MemberRyanne HartmanMichigan
Public Sector MemberKristin MaceyCalifornia
Public Sector MemberMike MannWashington
Public Sector MemberMauricio MejiaFlorida
Public Sector MemberCree MorganSan Francisco, California
Public Sector MemberRandall MorrisonErie County, New York
Public Sector MemberDoug MusickKansas
Public Sector MemberAngel NazarioCity of Boston, Massachusetts
Public Sector MemberJosh NelsonOregon
Public Sector MemberLaurence NolanLos Angeles County, California (Retired)
Public Sector MemberJulie QuinnMinnesota
Public Sector MemberKen RamsburgMaryland
Public Sector MemberWilliam RigbyUtah
Public Sector MemberKate SmetanaColorado
Public Sector MemberHugo SotoRiverside County, California
Public Sector MemberDedrick StephensCity of Cleveland, Ohio
Public Sector MemberRon ValinskiCity of Worcester, Massachusetts
Public Sector MemberJames WillisNew York
Public Sector MemberMichelle WilsonArizona
Public Sector MemberJohn YoungYolo County, California
Private Sector MemberAndy BrassingtonEvergreen Herbal
Private Sector MemberDavid CalixNCR
Private Sector MemberAlexander CookWellness Connection of Maine
Private Sector MemberBrian DuncanECRS
Private Sector MemberEric GoldenCardinal Scale Manufacturing, Co.
Private Sector MemberChristopher GuayProcter and Gamble, Co.
Private Sector MemberRichard GuildThe Scale People, Inc.
Private Sector MemberGeorge HatziemanuelOhaus Corporation
Private Sector MemberJoanna L. JohnsonJohnson Policy Associates, Inc.
Private Sector MemberCharles RutherfordCPR Squared, Inc.
Private Sector MemberRichard ShipmanRice Lake Weighing Systems, Inc.