Fuels and Lubricants Subcommittee (FALS)

The National Conference on Weights and Measures established the Fuels and Lubricants Subcommittee (FALS), formerly known as the Petroleum Subcommittee, in 1992 to provide advice and technical guidance to the Laws and Regulations Committee on model laws and regulations concerning engine fuel quality, petroleum products, and automotive lubricants.

The subcommittee is responsible for developing NIST Handbook 130 Section III.C Uniform Engine Fuels and Automotive Lubricants Inspection Law, Section IV.G Uniform Engine Fuels and Automotive Lubricants Regulations, and specific subsections in Section IV.B Method of Sale Regulations related to fuels and automotive lubricants. Other publications were developed, such as the Petroleum Laboratory Guide which provides jurisdictions a basic guide for establishing a testing laboratory.

Subcommittee membership includes the public members, petroleum and alternative fuels industry, automotive engineers, engine manufacturers and technical advisors. Meetings are held annually, or as needed and are open to all NCWM members and other registered parties.

The subcommittee will develop and submit its recommendations to the Laws and Regulations Committee for consideration by the NCWM membership.

Fuels and Lubricants Subcommittee Members

ChairBill StriejewskeNevada
Vice-ChairRonald HayesMissouri
Vice-ChairRandy JenningsTennessee
SecretaryKevin FerrickAmerican Petroleum Institute
Vice-SecretaryRebecca RichardsonMARC - IV Consulting
NIST Technical AdvisorDavid SefcikNIST, Office of Weights and Measures
NIST Technical AdvisorLisa WarfieldNIST, Office of Weights and Measures
Advisory MemberCurtis WilliamsRetired
Public Sector MemberMahesh AlbuquerqueColorado
Public Sector MemberDavid AuGeorgia
Public Sector MemberVanessa BencheaFlorida
Public Sector MemberStephen BenjaminNorth Carolina
Public Sector MemberTim ElliottWashington
Public Sector MemberMike HarringtonIowa
Public Sector MemberJohn HayesTennessee
Public Sector MemberLori JacobsonSouth Dakota
Public Sector MemberKristin MaceyCalifornia
Public Sector MemberAllan MorrisonCalifornia
Public Sector MemberDoug RathbunIllinois
Public Sector MemberKarl ScottUtah
Public Sector MemberBrenda SharkeySouth Dakota
Public Sector MemberCharles StutesmanKansas
Public Sector MemberKevin UpschulteMissouri
Public Sector MemberTimothy WhiteMichigan
Public Sector MemberMichelle WilsonArizona
Private Sector MemberHolly AlfanoIndependent Lubricant Manufacturers Association
Private Sector MemberTeresa AllemanNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Private Sector MemberMatt BjornsonBjornson Oil Company
Private Sector MemberChuck CorrArcher Daniels Midland Company
Private Sector MemberDavis CoseyDavis Oil Company
Private Sector MemberKelly DavisRenewable Fuels Association
Private Sector MemberScott FenwickNational Biodiesel Board
Private Sector MemberRick FragnitoShell
Private Sector MemberJennifer GreenCITGO Petroleum Corporation
Private Sector MemberPhillip GuillemetteFlint Hills Resources, LP
Private Sector MemberJohn HarkinsEnergy Transfer
Private Sector MemberMarilyn HermanHerman and Associates
Private Sector MemberCal HodgeA 2nd Opinion, Inc.
Private Sector MemberJason HolmesBASF Corporation
Private Sector MemberWilliam HornbachChevron Global Downstream, LLC
Private Sector MemberJoanna JohnsonAutomotive Oil Exchange Association
Private Sector MemberBrian KernkeLoves Travel Stops
Private Sector MemberDavid A. KovachBP Products
Private Sector MemberStephen KirbyGeneral Motors
Private Sector MemberMike KunselmanCenter for Quality Assurance
Private Sector MemberJeffrey LeiterBassman, Mitchell, Alfano & Leiter Chtd.
Private Sector MemberRuss LewisMarathon Petroleum, LLC
Private Sector MemberMichael LynchExxonMobil Corporation
Private Sector MemberScott MasonPhillips 66
Private Sector MemberBeverly MichelsBP Products
Private Sector MemberKristi MooreKMoore Consulting, LLC
Private Sector MemberManuch NikanjamChevron Global Downstream, LLC
Private Sector MemberKeith PennColonial Pipeline Company
Private Sector MemberDerek RegalTesoro Companies, Inc.
Private Sector MemberJim RoccoPetroleum Marketers Association of America
Private Sector MemberPrentiss SearlesAmerican Petroleum Institute
Private Sector MemberDr. Prasad TumatiHaltermann Solutions
Private Sector MemberMarie ValentineToyota-TEMA-TTC
Private Sector MemberSteve Vander GriendICM, Inc.
Private Sector MemberLilla VorosThe Lubrizol Corp.

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