Point-of-Sale Tare Task Group (POST)

The goal of the Point-of-Sale System Tare Task Group (POST) is to determine how to provide consumers (and operators) with the information necessary, whether on a receipt or displayed on the POS system itself, to verify if charges for items weighed at checkout are based on net weight.  This is similar to the opportunity provided them by retail-computing scales used in direct sale applications.

The task group will submit its recommendations to the Specifications and Tolerances Committee for consideration by the NCWM membership.

Point-of-Sale Tare Task Group Members

ChairLoren MinnichKansas
NTEP Technical AdvisorDarrell FlockenNCWM
NIST Technical AdvisorRick HarshmanNIST, Office of Weights and Measures
Public Sector MemberMark DemingsUtah
Public Sector MemberMike PeelerNew Jersey
Public Sector MemberKen RamsburgMaryland
Private Sector MemberGary BenjaminNCR Corporation
Private Sector MemberScott HenryZebra Technologies
Private Sector MemberStratt PinagelWal-Mart Stores
Private Sector MemberHeidi RobinsonPublix Super Markets
Private Sector MemberElizabeth TansingFood Marketing Institute