Credit Card Skimmer Task Group

NCWM received a proposal in 2017 that would add security measures to NIST Handbook 44 to protect against the installation of credit card skimmers in commercial weighing and measuring devices.  Increasingly, these skimmers are installed illegally to steal consumers’ credit card data.

The proposal would require the device manufacturers or end-users of weighing and measuring devices to restrict unauthorized access to components previously considered to be non-metrological.  During Open Hearings of the 2017 NCWM Interim Meeting, the Specifications and Tolerances Committee was asked to consider whether the proposals were outside the scope of legal metrology and therefore not within the scope of NIST Handbook 44

The Specifications and Tolerances Committee recognized the significance of this question, but also recognized the role of the weights and measures official to protect buyers and sellers in commercial transactions.  At the committee’s request, a special Credit Card Skimmer Task Group was formed in 2018 to address the issue.

The charge of the task group is to determine if these types of security standards are appropriate in NIST Handbook 44.

If yes, the next steps will be to:

  1. Consider whether the proposal should be a design specification for the device manufacturer and a security requirement for the end user.
  2. Develop and submit recommendations to the Specifications and Tolerances Committee for further consideration by NCWM.

Task group members include Active members representing each of the 4 regional weights and measures associations and Associate members representing equipment manufacturers and trade groups.

The task group will submit its recommendations to the Specifications and Tolerances Committee for consideration by the NCWM membership.

Credit Card Skimmer Task Group Members

ChairHal PrinceFlorida
Public Sector MemberJames CassidyMassachusetts
Public Sector MemberMike HarringtonIowa
Public Sector MemberEric JankeSouth Dakota
Public Sector MemberJoel MadduxVirginia
Public Sector MemberJohn McGuireNew Jersey
Public Sector MemberMike SikulaNew York
Public Sector MemberCraig VanBurenMichigan
Public Sector MemberScott WagnerColorado
Public Sector MemberMichelle WilsonArizona
Private Sector MemberPaige AndersonNational Association of Convenience Stores
Private Sector MemberOwen DeWittFlintLoc Technologies, LLC
Private Sector MemberRandy MosesWayne Fueling Systems
Private Sector MemberBrent PriceGilbarco, Inc.