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Basic Competency Exams

The basic competency exams were created to provide an objective measure of development of new hires among regulatory officials and potentially test service agents for basic knowledge of weights and measures requirements.

Each state will decide independently whether to implement these basic level exams for the purpose of licensing or registering service agents.

The exams are each two-part with a general component covering Handbook 44 and a specific part covering the basic elements of the type of measurement. Each exam is based on 30 questions with a one-hour time limit. The exams are almost entirely multiple-choice questions, but candidates will find it beneficial to understand how to search Handbook 44 to find pertinent code sections. The exams apply equally to regulatory officials and service agents.

Measuring Exam:

  • Liquid Measuring Devices Code
  • Vehicle-Tank Meters Code

Weighing Exam:

  • Scales Code


As of September 1, 2018, all NCWM exams are proctored.  The online testing service will require that an approved proctor be physically present at the testing location to log in with the applicant. 

See more on proctoring rules and approved proctors


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The applicant is allowed two attempts to pass the exam with each purchase.  Upon a second failure, a “cooling off” period will require the applicant to wait at least 30 days before repurchasing and attempting to take the exam again.

Measuring Exam for Basic Competency $75.00 $0.00

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