Give a Presentation During the Meeting

If you would like to give a presentation during Open Hearings to help support your point of view on an item, please follow the following process:

  1. Complete the Presentation Request Form
  2. Receive Committee Chair approval
  3. Review the deadline and accepted file format
  4. Email presentation to NCWM Project Coordinator no later than 2 weeks prior to meeting
  5. NCWM Project Coordinator will notify you if the presentation was received
  6. NCWM will post your presentation on the NCWM website
  7. Give your presentation in the part of the Open Hearing as agreed to by the Committee Chair

Committee Chair Approval

  • Complete the Presentation Request Form
  • Committee Chair must approve all presentation requests prior to the meeting
  • Committee Chair will notify you via email if your request was approved or denied

Deadline is 2 Weeks Prior to Meeting

  • In order to keep the flow of the meeting running smoothly for all in attendance, it is critical that you submit your presentation no later than 2 weeks prior to the meeting
  • Submit your presentation to:

Presentation Format

  • All presentations must be Microsoft PowerPoint format
  • If you have questions, please call (402) 434-4880

Giving the Presentation

  • You will have 10 minutes to give your presentation


  • NCWM will not publish the presentation in NCWM Publication 15 or 16, but reference to it may be made by the committee in its report
  • The presentation may be included in the NCWM Annual Report, which is electronically published by NIST, Office of Weights and Measures
  • NCWM will not distribute printed copies of the presentation at the meeting
  • The submitter is welcome to bring and make available hard copies for meeting attendees

Presentation Request Form

First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Item Number
Provide the purpose of the presentation