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Search Tips:   How to Use the NTEP Database (Slides)

  • To ensure the most current Certificate of Conformance is found, only enter the first five digits. (i.e. 00-000)
  • Enter data into at least one field to begin search.
  • To ensure the broadest search, enter the fewest criteria. (i.e. CC Number or Manufacturer)
  • Enter partial names, certificate or model numbers to expand your search.
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Active Status: Devices are being manufactured or re-manufactured for commercial application under an NTEP Certificate of Conformance. This means that the Certificate is in force and all fees have been paid. 

Inactive Status: An inactive Certificate of Conformance is a Certificate which was previously active, but the devices are no longer being manufactured for commercial applications subject to local regulations or laws; however, devices already manufactured, installed or in inventory, but not yet sold, may be used, sold, repaired and resold under inactive Certificates of Conformance.

For assistance with your search, contact NCWM at (402) 434-4880 or info@ncwm.net.

NTEP Certificates issued during the month of August 2019