NTEP Logo Guidelines

NTEP Logo Guidelines

The NTEP Logo is much more than a certification mark - it is the public face of our organization. It is a mark that clients covet and consumers seek out. It is a powerful symbol, which represents both a company's concern and regard for its consumers, and recognition that the device type has demonstrated the capability of meeting the requirements of NIST Handbook 44.

Use of the NTEP Logo

Note: Manufacturers must sign a License Agreement to use the NTEP Logo.

Manufacturers use the NTEP Logo to demonstrate to clients their commitment to meeting the requirements of NIST Handbook 44.

  1. The NTEP Logo increases the acceptance of your product. Your clients, potential clients, regulators, retailers and dealers are all more inclined to accept products, advertising and promotion that bear the NTEP Logo.
  2. The NTEP Logo builds confidence and trust in your product. When your clients see the NTEP Logo on your product or in an advertisement, they know that the product has been evaluated by a third party, non-biased organization and has successfully demonstrated its capability to meet the requirements of NIST Handbook 44.
  3. The NTEP Logo allows for easier entry into new markets. Whether it's a new industry segment or a new international market, the NTEP Logo on product packaging, advertising and literature makes it easier to reach potential clients.
  4. The NTEP Logo provides a faster communications tool. The challenge for any company is to communicate product performance quickly and effectively. The NTEP Logo is one tool that does this. It is a small mark with a giant message.
  5. The NTEP Logo reassures clients. Per NIST Handbook 44, NTEP Certified devices must be identified with the NTEP CC Number, Make, Model and Serial/Version Number.

Language Guidelines

Effective use of the NTEP Logo in advertising and promotional materials is a matter of repetitive and consistent visual design. Following these guidelines allows you to reinforce the importance of NTEP Certification and gain valuable benefits for your organization in the marketplace.

Please consult NCWM Headquarters at info@ncwm.net for guidance on specific products.

Preferred Language for Use with the NTEP Logo in Advertising or Promotional Materials

Note: The "C" in "Certified" and in "Certification" should be capitalized when used immediately before or after NTEP and when referring to NTEP Certification.

Preferred Language: (in addition to that found in NCWM Publication 14, Administrative Policy)

  • NTEP Certified
  • NTEP Certification
  • Certified by NTEP
  • Evaluated and Certified by NTEP
  • ABC's (company) product is Certified by NTEP to applicable requirements of NIST Handbook 44.

Guidelines for Literature and Advertising

Note: Whenever the NTEP Logo or language related to NTEP is used, NCWM suggests that the applicable NTEP Certificate of Conformance Number (NTEP CC) be provided.

For use on letterhead, business cards, placards, print ads, Internet and other promotional materials.

Size - For visibility and legibility, it is recommended that the NTEP Logo be reproduced no smaller than 3/8 inches (.9525 cm) in diameter in print materials. For example:

Black and White NTEP Logo      Color NTEP Logo

Position - The NTEP logo should not be angled or rotated.

Visibility - The NTEP Logo shall not be cropped. The mark must be 100% visible and the NTEP letters must be legible.

Not Acceptable - The mark shall not appear in a manner that may directly or indirectly represent non-certified products/systems as Certified by NTEP.

Color Options - The NTEP Logo comes in two versions:

Black and White NTEP Logo

Black and White:  The black and white NTEP Logo can be reversed (white and black) and/or screened back in one color if desired.

Color NTEP Logo

Color:  The Pantone colors are Pantone Black, Pantone Red 032, Pantone Yellow 018. A CMYK version is also available.

  • No variations in the color scheme are allowed.
  • No other color schemes or styles are acceptable.
  • Photo ready artwork is available from NCWM at info@ncwm.net.

Additional Guidelines

  1. These NTEP Logo guidelines apply when using the NTEP Logo directly on a product. Please contact the NTEP Administrator if you have questions regarding the use of the NTEP Logo on a specific product line.
  2. The NTEP logo is a registered trademark of NCWM, INC. No company or person shall apply or use the NTEP Logo or language related to NTEP in connection with a product or represent in any way that the product is certified until an NTEP Certificate of Conformance is issued for that device. NCWM may pursue legal recourse if the mark is misused.
  3. Rectangular Box under the NTEP Logo: When it is necessary to explain details regarding a specific certification, or include the NTEP CC Number, a rectangular box may be placed under the NTEP Logo. The example below demonstrates use of a rectangular box:

 Black and White NTEP Logo

NTEP CC yy-yyyA1

Specifications for text in the box:

Font - Text in the box should be Arial bold and legible (Gotham may be substituted for Arial)

Color - Black

Box Dimensions - Typically, the text in the box should not exceed the diameter of the circle. Size text in proportion to the NTEP logo.

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