NTEP Logo Usage Policy

References to NTEP

The effectiveness of the NTEP system depends on widespread awareness of its utility.  Manufacturers and state authorities are encouraged to publicize the program, subject to the guidelines below.  See Section 23.3 for examples of language to be used in conjunction with the NTEP name and logo in advertising brochures. 

Note: Manufacturers must sign a License Agreement to use the NTEP Logo.

21.1   Restriction

Recipients must avoid any implication that the Certificate of Conformance carries with it an endorsement or approval of the product by NCWM.

Issuance of a Certificate of Conformance by NCWM only constitutes evidence of the conformance of a type with the requirements of NCWM Publication 14 and NIST Handbook 44.

21.2   Permissible Use of Statements and NTEP Logo

21.2.1  The Manufacturer

The manufacturer may communicate to clients and the public the fact that a Certificate of Conformance was issued for a type.  State officials will automatically receive copies of all Certificates of Conformance issued by NCWM and need not be advised of this fact by the manufacturer.

21.2.2  Use of NTEP Statement and Logo

The NTEP statement or logo shall only be used by person(s) or organization(s) that have been granted a license by NCWM to use the statements and logo.  All licensees shall use the statements and logo only in conjunction with products that have been certified in accordance with NCWM Publication 14: Administrative Policy and NIST Handbook 44.  The statements or logo shall never be used in any manner that could suggest or imply that certification extends to a product that is not NTEP certified.   Persons or organizations who are holders of active NTEP Certificates of Conformance shall be given the opportunity to obtain a license to use the NTEP statement and logo at the time of payment of annual maintenance fees for certificates.   Persons or organizations who are applying for their first NTEP Certificate of Conformance shall be given the opportunity to obtain a license to use the NTEP statement and logo upon issuance of the Certificate of Conformance.   Persons or organizations who do not hold a NTEP Certificate of Conformance may obtain a license agreement to use the NTEP statement or logo using information and instruction available on NCWM website: www.ncwm.net or by contacting NTEP at:

National Type Evaluation Program
National Conference on Weights and Measures
1135 M Street, Suite 110
Lincoln, NE 68508   When reference is made to the NTEP logo or an NTEP Certificate of Conformance, it is essential to clearly identify which products are NTEP certified if a copy also includes products that are not certified.  References to NTEP must always be located in close proximity to any references to a certified product when non-certified products are shown on the same page.  NCWM, in its sole discretion, determines whether its certified logo and statements are properly used in conformance with the license agreement and these policies.  Direct questions to the NTEP Administrator or refer to the NTEP Logo Use Guideline at www.ncwm.net   A one-time license fee is charged to non-holders of NTEP Certificates of Conformance for use of the NTEP Logo.  No license fee is charged to current holders of active NTEP Certificates of Conformance.

21.2.3   The States

States participating in NTEP (that is, permitting the sale of devices in their states based on NTEP Certificates of Conformance) and/or states operating NTEP Participating Laboratories are encouraged to communicate their activities to potential clients and the public.  NTEP authorization means that a Participating Laboratory is competent to perform standard tests of specific weighing or measuring devices.

A statement about a state’s participation and/or authorization and the NTEP logo may be used in correspondence, brochures, test reports, and data sheets (provided the tests or services are performed in accordance with the terms of its authorization.)   Statement

  • A state whose laboratory has been authorized may use the following statement:
  • “Authorized by NCWM under NTEP for testing (identify device types covered by the Authorization Certificate).”
  • A state accepting Certificates of Conformance may use the following statement:
  • ​“(Name of state) permits the sale of weighing or measuring devices for use based on the issuance of NTEP Certificates of Conformance.”   Logo

The NTEP Logo (see section e. below) may be used in conjunction with the above statements or alone in material dealing with NTEP.

21.2.4  Questions About Use of Statements or Logo

Any questions regarding the use of the statement or logo not specifically covered above, or any questions concerning the propriety or acceptability of their use in a particular situation, should be brought to the attention of the NTEP Committee through the NTEP Administrator.

21.2.5  The NTEP Logo

For further information, please contact:

National Conference on Weights and Measures
1135 M Street, Suite 110
Lincoln, NE 68508
P. (402) 434-4880
F. (402) 434-4878
E. info@ncwm.net

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