The NTEP Certification Process


  • Member Discounts
  • Fees
  • Types of Applications
  • Methods to Apply
  • Accompanying Material

Processing your Application

  • Administrative Review
  • Payment Processing
  • Lab Assignment

Evaluation Process

  • Communication
  • Participation
  • Time to Evaluate
  • Failures / Correction

Publishing the NTEP Certificate of Conformance

  • Reviewing the Draft
  • Publishing


Member Discounts:  NCWM Membership is $90.00 per year and spans from October 1 to September 30.  There are many benefits, including several hundred dollars in savings on NTEP Applications and Certificate Processing Fees.  JOIN NOW

Fees:  NTEP Fees are posted on the NCWM website.  NTEP Lab evaluation fees are set by each laboratory and payable to the laboratory, not NCWM.

Types of Applications:

  • Administrative Applications  (Does not involve laboratory evaluations of instruments)
  • Grain Analyzer Applications
  • Measuring Applications
  • Weighing Applications

Methods to Apply:

Accompanying Material:  Consider providing any of the following (or other materials) with your application to assist NTEP.

  • Representative photos of the design (JPG or PNG format)
  • Owners Manual
  • Installation Manual
  • Blueprints

Processing your Application

Administrative Review:  Once submitted, the NTEP Administrator will review the application to verify it is complete and may contact the applicant for further information or assistance. 

Payment Processing:  If the application is acceptable, NCWM will process the Application Fee and Certificate Processing Fee.  The Certificate Processing Fee is refundable in the event that the file on the application is closed without the issuance of a Certificate of Conformance.

Lab Assignment:  The NTEP Administrator will assign the evaluation to an authorized laboratory for evaluation.  NTEP staff notifies the applicant of the assignment via email with a receipt for fee payments attached.

Evaluation Process

Communication:  The applicant and the laboratory will communicate directly throughout the evaluation process.

Participation:  The applicant should make arrangements directly with the laboratory if the applicant wishes to be present during the evaluation.

Time to Evaluate:  The time frame to complete an evaluation is dependent on laboratory workload, device type, and number of corrective measures required achieving compliance. Please discuss progress and expectations directly with the laboratory.

Failures / Corrections:  If and evaluation is delayed due to a failure that requires corrective measures by the applicant, the applicant has ninety (90) days to resubmit the device so the evaluation may commence.  Upon the fourth failure, the NTEP Administrator may close the application file.

Publishing the NTEP Certificate of Conformance

Reviewing the Draft:  The manufacturer has the option to submit a draft certificate.  This option is exercised by those applicants with extensive knowledge of certificate content and formatting.  Otherwise, the certificate is typically drafted by the laboratory.  Fees may apply.  The laboratory and the applicant will review the draft to the satisfaction of each.  Final review is performed by the NTEP Administrator prior to publishing.  The applicant may bear responsibility for errors on published certificates.  Please review carefully.

Publishing:  NTEP staff provide an electronic copy of the final Certificate via email and publish it to the NCWM website.  Certificates are retrievable for viewing and download by the general public through an online NTEP Database Search.

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