EVSE Work Group Meeting Documents

The EVSE Work Group has been working since March 2017 to develop an NTEP checklist for EVSE devices.  The goal is to complete the checklist as soon as possible so NTEP evaluation and issuance of NTEP provisional certificates can move forward.  Posted are the draft checklist and technical policy as of January 8, 2018.”

Documents produced from the EVSE Work Group Meeting such as summaries and action items will be posted here until completion of the National Conference on Weights and Measures Interim Meeting, held in January. At that time, all EVSE Work Group Meeting documents will be moved to the meetings archive.

2018 Publication 14 - Draft Checklist  (1-8-2018)
2018 Publication 14 - Draft Technical Policy (1-8-2018)


No meeting will be held.