Weighing Sector

Truck scaleThe charge of the Weighing Sector is important in providing appropriate type evaluation criteria based on specifications, tolerances and technical requirements of NIST Handbook 44 Sections 1.10. General Code, 2.20 Scales, 2.22 Automatic Bulk Weighing Systems, and 2.24 Automatic Weighing Systems. The Sector’s recommendations are presented to the NTEP Committee each January for approval and inclusion in NCWM Publication 14 Technical Policy, Checklists, and Test Procedures for national type evaluation.

The Sector is also called upon occasionally for technical expertise in addressing difficult NIST Handbook 44 issues on the agenda of the NCWM Specifications and Tolerances Committee. Sector membership includes industry, NTEP laboratory representatives, technical advisors and the NTEP Administrator. Meetings are held annually, or as needed and are open to all NCWM members and other registered parties.

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Weighing Sector Members

ChairRob UprightVPG Transducers
NTEP Technical AdvisorDarrell FlockenNCWM
NIST Technical AdvisorRick HarshmanNIST, Office of Weights and Measures
Advisory MemberRobert FeezorRetired
Public Sector MemberTom BuckOhio
Public Sector MemberTina ButcherNIST, Office of Weights and Measures
Public Sector MemberKevin ChesnutwoodNIST, Office of Weights and Measures
Public Sector MemberFran Elson-HoustonOhio
Public Sector MemberNathan GardnerOregon
Public Sector MemberMarcus HarwitzUSDA, GIPSA, FGIS
Public Sector MemberRobert MeadowsKansas
Public Sector MemberLoren MinnichKansas
Public Sector MemberEric MorabitoNew York
Public Sector MemberZacharias TripoulasMaryland
Public Sector MemberPascal TurgeonMeasurement Canada
Public Sector MemberJuana WilliamsNIST, Office of Weights and Measures
Private Sector MemberCary AinsworthTufner Weighing Systems
Private Sector MemberSteven BeitzelSystems Associates, Inc.
Private Sector MemberNeil CopleyThurman Scale Co.
Private Sector MemberBill DanderandFedEx
Private Sector MemberBrian DuncanECRS
Private Sector MemberMitchell EylesFlintec, Inc.
Private Sector MemberBrad FryburgerSouthern II Scale
Private Sector MemberEric GoldenCardinal Scale Manufacturing, Co.
Private Sector MemberJon HeinleinTranscell Technology, Inc.
Private Sector MemberScott HenryZebra Technologies
Private Sector MemberSam JalahejTotalcomp, Inc.
Private Sector MemberJan KonijnenburgRice Lake Weighing Systems, Inc.
Private Sector MemberJohn LawnRinstrum, Inc.
Private Sector MemberL. Edward LuthySchenck Process Transport N.A.
Private Sector MemberThomas RiceMettler-Toledo, LLC
Private Sector MemberKyle SchafferTufner Weighing Systems
Private Sector MemberLouis StraubFairbanks Scale, Inc.
Private Sector MemberRuss ViresMettler-Toledo, LLC
Private Sector MemberJerry WangA&D Engineering, Inc.
Private Sector MemberJohn WindOssid LLC

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